SCNE Emblem & Insignia

The Emblem of the Society was designed by Founder Member Frederic Schuler Briggs. The green Maltese cross of the seal bears the image of a colonial blockhouse in its center; the blockhouse served as a refuge from possible enemy attack in the colonial period. Between the arms of the cross are two pine trees – a common New England tree – and two anchors, representative of the seafaring employment of many of our New England ancestors, as well as the dangerous ocean transport which they were forced to use to get to their New World homes. Encircling the cross is a ring bearing the name of the Society, all held within a wreath. Above the wreath is the Crown of Great Britain, whose kings chartered our colonies and ruled us until 1776. Below the seal is a scroll with the dates the New England colonies were founded and flourished.

The Insignia of the Society is a medallion of enameled gold in the image of the Emblem, suspended from a ribbon of green, white, and pink stripes. The green represents the green forests of a new world as discovered by our colonial New England ancestors. The pink and white are adopted from the colors of the Society of Mayflower Descendants, whose ancestors established the first permanent settlement of colonists (as differentiated from the transient fishermen and traders) on the territory now encompassed by the six New England states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and Connecticut.

The Society rosette (shown at actual size) is tailored from silk ribbon and fastened in back with a clutch-pin clasp. Like the Insignia, it is fashioned in the Society colors: on a background of forest green, a swatch of pink shot through with a white pinstripe.

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